Review: The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts

The Perfect Hope - Nora Roberts

Hope and Ryder spend most of this book acting more like friends with benefits (although they weren’t really friends to begin with) then a couple.  The drama comes mostly from Jonathan, Hope’s ex.  He wants her back even though he’s married now.  We learn a lot more about their relationship, one that she believed was exclusive until he told her he was marrying another woman. There are some misunderstandings between Ryder and Hope, but they are short lived  and they get a HEA (no surprise there!)

This final book in the trilogy also resolved the Inn’s ghost “issue”.  Lizzy has been part of this series from the first book and even helps save Clare when her stalker goes too far.  We learn a little more about her as each book progresses.  The end result is Lizzy being reunited with her lover.