Review: The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts

The Last Boyfriend - MacLeod Andrews, Nora Roberts

I somehow misunderstood the back cover of this one.  I thought for some reason Owen was literally Avery’s first and last boyfriend (as in, the only one).  I didn’t think that was right, but that make for some confusion on my part when it became clear that wasn’t the case.  


We learn a little more about the Inn in this book.  There are other rooms I recognized: Jane and Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre, Buttercup and Westley from the Princess Bride. I’m kind of hoping for a list at some point, so I can know for sure all of the rooms.  


Avery has some commitment issues (I’m noticing a theme in NR books - is it always the second book that has a woman with commitment issues?), from her mom leaving her and her dad when she was 12 (or close to it).  There are a few issues between Avery and Owen, but no real long drawn out fights/arguments.  

The Inn opens in this one, but it’s not really the focus of the book. I’m hoping the final book has more about the Inn in it.