Review: You & I, Me & You by MaryJanice Davidson

You and I, Me and You - MaryJanice Davidson

I liked this one the most of the three.  I was right about there being some unplanned re-integration starting in the last book.  I'm glad that the end of this one isn't them all being completely one person again.  That's what I really expected to happen, but it seemed a little too cliche, too pat, too perfect.  Adrienne doesn't come out as much anymore, but Candace and Shiro are about equal in this book (maybe a little more Candace, who gets to confuse George when she cusses or laughs at him - something that Shiro would do but not Candace).


I was wrong about the love triangle really being over - it works out better than I expected it to.  I knew Patrick and Candace's relationship was over the minute he assumed she'd quit her job (turns out she's not really an FBI agent - that wasn't as big of a surprise as it really should have been).


There was less about the serial killer in this one then the others - he wanted to get caught and it also wraps up the Threefer case (from the first book) neatly.