Review: Me, Myself and Why? by MaryJanice Davidson

Me, Myself and Why? - MaryJanice Davidson

This book is very confusing at first.  Candace calls her other personalities her sisters, so that was confusing.  Then each personality has a different voice, which isn't confusing after you've gotten use to it but it was really odd when Candace stopped talking in the middle of a sentence and Shiro took over (which started a new chapter). That doesn't happen all that often but I do wonder what everyone near her is thinking when the tone of voice changes.


I didn't like Patrick all that much.  I don't hate him either, but there was something about him that annoyed me.


Shiro's point about integration was a good one and something I'd never thought about before.  Is re-integration of separate personalities murder?  From that (those) personality(-ies) standpoint, it must be.

Adrienne's chapters are all like poems (or nursery rhymes) which adds another layer of confusion when she first shows up.