Review: Shadow Spell by Nora Roberts

Shadow Spell - Nora Roberts

This one is a little lighter on the romance and the romance related drama then Dark Witch. Conner and Meara have known each other for years. She's his sister's, Branna, best friend and works with Iona (Conner's cousin). Meara does have commitment issues (her father left her mother, although it's not really discussed in this book - I assumed he died at first) but aside from one little freak out when Conner says he loves her there isn't any relationship drama.


The sorcerer does go after Meara and since she isn't a witch she falls under his spell more easily then Iona did. She doesn't give it, but it was odd to see him going after the non-witch. He does go after Conner, but Meara makes an easier target (or so he thinks).


They try to kill Cabhan again and it unsurprisingly fails (if it didn't, what would be the drama in the final book?)