Review: Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn

Night Myst - Yasmine Galenorn

I should know not to read reviews of a book I've already started reading!  I was less then half done with this one and read a review that mentioned a really messed up rape scene (no other way to explain it, really). It happens close the end but knowing it was coming really ruined this book for me.  It could be argued that it wasn't rape, but she wouldn't have said yes to him without the deal they made and she even asks him after if he knows/cares how violated she feels (really he just doesn't care at all, but he's a vampire so that isn't a surprise). Cicely does have a love interest in this book, but I didn't really care about him at all.  We don't meet him until after the first time she meets the guy who later rapes her (with her reluctant agreement, it's not a yes if there is no choice!) and they end up having sex.  Really, I think Cicely needed something other then sex at that point and that didn't make me like Greive that much. I liked the characters in this book, but I spent too much time dreading the rape scene to really get into this book.  I really love Galenorn's Sisters of the Moon series, but I'll pass on the others in this series.