Review: Shadow by Laurann Dohner

Shadow - Laurann Dohner

This one is my favorite so far in this series.  I feel like I say that every time, but I've been hoping for one of the species females to get her HEA and here it is. This one also better explains why the other New Species females don't seem interested in having long term relationships. I've been wondering about that for a while, but this one offers a view as to why, at least for some of the females.  


The action/drama comes a little late in this one.  I thought that they were going to get away without really having any outside drama, but that doesn't happen.  I should have expected it really, because none of them can really catch a break, but I was hoping.  Shadow and Beauty did have some relationship issues, since they've both been hurt and neither one really knew what they were doing.  It does all work out and they seem a little better at fixing issues before they really hurt the other person (misunderstandings are discussed ASAP instead of letting the problem fester). I know not all romance books are really bad about that, with the whole just talk to each other already, damn it! But I really like that Shadow and Beauty seemed so willing to talk to each other.