Review: My Lady Coward by Jaimey Grant

My Lady Coward: An Episodic Regency Romance - Jaimey Grant

This one really does read like separate stories, instead of one longer story. I've only read one other serial collection, which read like a full novel instead of different stories bound together later. I understand that this wasn't really meant to be a full novel, but episodes in the life of Lady Maria. I really liked the set up, but I was a little iffy on the plot: she loves her husband but thinks/knows he's cheating. Spoiler, not everything is want it seems (he doesn't have a mistress, but it's understandable that she assumes the woman is his mistress - the evidence is damning!) I hate cheating, so if he really had been I would have really hated this book on principle. It's pretty clear early on that he isn't really cheating, but the why it seems that way wasn't what I expected.


I've never heard/seen the term Cit, which is someone who has made their money in trade instead of inheriting it. Is it a common term in Historical Romance and I just missed it?