Review: The Silverton Scandal by Amanda Grange

The Silverton Scandal - Amanda Grange

I expected the Silverton Scandal to be more important then it was, given that the name of the book is The Silverton Scandal.  It does have an effect, but I thought that someone had learned that Lord Silverton (Lucien) was the one to rob the stage coach that Eleanor was on. I had wondered why a Lord would be robbing a stage coach, but it is brilliantly explained, without sounding completely ridiculous. I won't say why, since that would give away much of the plot, but the reasons make Eleanor's involvement dangerous. These two fall in love without really spending all that much time together, but it comes off as completely believable (which often isn't the case).They both act a bit foolish and I really just wanted to yell at them to talk to each other, but it all works out in the end, so that's okay.