Review: The Lady of Fairhaven by Lee Scott

The Lady of Fairhaven - Lee Scott

Yet another one of the kindle freebies I bought in 2012 and have been really slow about reading. I seem to have really lucked out with the kindle freebies I've bought, since I've liked all the one's I've read. Now, I've said that and I'll hate the next ones I read.


This one, like Lady Deception, is set in the middle ages (once again assumed from the castles and knights, I don't think it's stated in the book). Gillian is the Lady of Fairhaven with her father's death, but her Uncle Oliver has come and is making her life difficult (spoiler: I really wanted him to die at some point, but it doesn't happen).


This book includes kidnapping, arranged marriage and a forbidden love but it does all work out. They do get their HEA, even if it doesn't look that way to start with. She's marrying his father, after all. That's a little awkward, if nothing else.