Review: Deep in the Valley by Robyn Carr

Deep in the Valley - Robyn Carr

I went into this one assuming some things that weren't true.  June doesn't end up with John Stone (based on the start of the book this is what I expected, I have read the book summary, but it's been a while) and this series isn't quite the same as Carr's Virgin River series. I expected each of the three books to focus on a couple, but all three focus on June, with other members of the town also having a say. Assuming those things really messed me up when it became clear that it wasn't going to be that way.  This one doesn't have that much in the way of romance, since Jim is undercover DEA cop.  I already knew that Dr. John Stone was going to stay on (he shows up at least once in Carr's Virgin River series), so what June was thinking about him had to be false.  Not really much else to say about this one.