Her One Wish [Marie Hall]

Her One Wish, Book 10 Kingdom Series - Marie Hall

Robin Hood goes a little hot and cold at first. I hadn't really thought about the story having an effect on what everyone would think about Nixie. The summary is a little misleading, since the man Nixie kills is no longer her master. I understand that not killing is the genines' top rule, but how was Nixie to know that the Genine rulers would be able to do something about the man? I'm not sure how much time there is between Nixie 'becoming' a genie and that master, but she doesn't really know anything about Kingdom aside from the stories her father told her.


It was a little odd that Robin Hood didn't want to tell her anything, who would she have told after all? The surprise about Robin and the King wasn't really a surprise, nor was the wishes going the way they did. We don't see the love between these two devloping. They have the fated mates instant bond, but it grows deeper as time goes on and we don't really see that.


Even without it, I loved the two of them together although Robin being an ass to her at first was a little much. The sudden turn around was a little confusing and hard to trust.