Driven to Date [Susan Hatler]

Driven to Date - Susan Hatler

I'm really stuck on Ryan getting a job from a family member in a firm that he didn't work for before that.  I had a real problem with that.  It turns out that he is qualified for the job, but would he have been hired even if he hadn't been qualified? The idea was a hard one to shake.  It's impossible to hate him, but he got negative points before he even really shows up in the book.  


These two spent a lot of time dancing around each other, or she did at least.  Jill was ready to hate him since he got the promotion she wanted.  I can't (and don't) blame her for that.  She was so sure she was getting the job and some unknown (to her) gets it instead.  It's not even someone else who works at the law firm, but an outsider. She has moments were she's very bitter about Ryan being one of the partner's nephews. Like when one of the receptionists (Ruth) was taking a personal call and how Jill would have cared but maybe Ruth would be replaced if one of the partner's cousins needed a receptionist job.  The bitterness came through loud and clear with that comment.  


I liked Ryan and Jill together, but I'm not sure I really saw them as in love.  So much of the book was Jill trying to avoid Ryan in personal settings that they didn't really spend that much time together as a couple.