Priestess Dreaming [Yasmine Galenorn]

Priestess Dreaming - Yasmine Galenorn

I had no trouble getting into this book, which makes me wonder why I didn't like Crimson Veil that much.  I'd been worried that it was this series, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  


Camille and her sisters can't catch a break.  You'd think they'd be entitled to a little downtime at this point, but it doesn't seem to work that way. I think they do really get some downtime, but we don't see it, since it's the space between the books.


This time the threat isn't Shadow Wing or his minions but an ancient wyrm, who are (as Smokey says) the titans of the dragonkin.  I'm not going to say that much about the wyrm, since those would be spoilers, but the idea kind of came out of no where.  Maybe I just missed a hint somewhere, but I hadn't expected wyrms to exist.  Not a bad thing,  aside form the whole not on our side bit.


Camille goes on a quest in this one, to find the Merlin (original name Myrddin) since he might be able to help them with their wyrm problem.  Merlin is, in this world, a title and not a name which was a little odd.  The real problem with this quest?  It leads them though the land of the Elder Fae, one of whom Camille and Delilah have faced before.