License to Date [Susan Hatler]

License to Date - Susan Hatler

I think this book is longer then the others in the series.  Maybe it's just longer then the last few books.


There's a big reveal about Paul (who isn't really who he says he is).  I figured out who he was long before we get to that point, and I won't spoil too much by saying who he is.  He never lies to her, just omits things. 


I really loved these two together and was surprised at the reminder that it's only been a week.  The book starts during the weekend and ends that Friday, with an epilogue set two months after the end of the book. 


I could have done without the whole coincidence that his name just happens to be Paul.  I get that some names are popular, but poor Kaitlin didn't need the added confusion of that. I expected her ex Paul to show up at some point and confuse people even more.