Bound [Elisabeth Naughton]

Bound - Elisabeth Naughton

I can't think of a lot to say about this one that won't be a spoiler, so this review shouldn't be too long.


I still don't understand the deal with soul mates in this world.  I think I've said that in most if not all of my reviews for this series, but it's still true.  


I felt sorry for Nick after Isadora and Demetrius came back from Pandora in Tempted but most, if not all, of that is out the window with the way he acted in this book.  It's explained, but he was still an asshole.  The next book, Twisted, is his and I will be reading it.  I just hope it redeems him.  I hate going into a book disliking one of the main characters!


Theron also acted like an ass, but I guess I should have expected that.


I liked Titus and Natasa together, but the love seemed a little sudden to me.  Maybe that's the soul mate curse at work?  It's not really instant love, but he was drawn to her from the start (their first meeting in the last book) and we find out in this one that she's just as drawn to him.