Dare You To [Katie McGarry]

Dare You To - Katie McGarry

I expected the dare/bet to come back and bite Ryan on the ass. Beth does find out about the bet/dare but she wasn't as pissed off as I expected her be. Beth has issues, everyone does really, low self esteem and lack of trust are the two big ones. I understand both, but her relationship with Ryan would be a lot easier if she didn't have just one of those. The dare does end up being a problem, since someone finds out why Beth moved there - she ends up believing this person (Ryan being with her for the bet) over Ryan (who loves her, but messed up when he didn't tell his parents about him dating Beth).


I hated Beth's Uncle Scott at first. He gets her to stay via blackmail and that just really drove me crazy. I understand that he was really doing it to protect her, but it comes of has high handed and cruel. It seems like Beth was always the one to take care of her Mom, when it should have been the other way around - it's not your job to pay the bills, Beth. At least, it shouldn't be.


The parts between Beth and Isiah are bittersweet. When I read Pushing the Limits and learned there was going to be a sequel, I'd hoped for it to be their book. I knew it wouldn't really work out that way, since the summary for that sequel (this book) was already out. I liked Beth in that book and love her in this one. I hope Beth is right about Isiah realizing that he doesn't love her as anything but a friend. I loved their friendship in Pushing the Limits and hope they get it back at some point.


I'm loved this book just as much as I loved Noah and Echo's book, Pushing the Limits. I almost read this one shortly after it came out, but decided against it since it wasn't Beth and Isiah's book. I'm glad I changed my mind, even if it took me a while. I expected Noah and Echo to be a bigger part of this one, but I should have known better since Beth moves to a different town early in this one. Isiah isn't in this one as much as I expected either, but he shows up more then Noah does.


Ending spoilers beyond this point.


The ending seemed a little too perfect: Ryan and Beth are still together, they win homecoming king and queen, Ryan's Mom is talking to his brother again (his Dad's still pissed off), Allison (Scott's wife) suddenly likes Beth (at least she's not bitching about/at her). I'm sure there are other things, but those stuck out the most.