Flight from Hell [Yasmine Galenorn]

Flight from Hell (An Otherworld Novella) - Yasmine Galenorn

I was a little worried about reading this one after my less then thrilled reaction to Crimson Veil.  I worried that I was getting burnt out on this series, since I've never had a problem getting through one of them before.  Turns out, it was just that book.  I know this is a novella, so there's that compared to a full length novel, but I had no trouble getting into it, it didn't seem to drag on without anything happening.  


Now, I've said that and the next full novel will do the same thing.  I've jinxed myself!


I am wondering if the Fly by Night Agency is going to get their own series.  This novella broke pattern a little by having the prologue and the epilogue in the POV of someone other than the main story's narrator. They are both in Shimmer's POV, while the main story is Menolly's.  Not really a big deal, but it makes me wonder if their's a series in the making for Shimmer, Alex and Ralph.  I'm kind of hoping, since I liked them in this!


There wasn't a whole lot of drama in this one, Shimmer's been kidnapped and it's up to Menolly and her sisters to find her.  That's the main focus and since this is a novella, not much other then finding Shimmer happens.