The King [J.R. Ward]

The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #12) - J.R. Ward

I had trouble getting into this book.  There were too many POVs and too many different plot lines.  Are all the Black Dagger Brotherhood books like this?  I remember that they all have multiple POVs, but I hadn't thought they all had so many plot lines going at once.  


This book has at least five plot lines going on at once (some spoilers, fair warning!):

1. Wrath & Beth's disagreement over having a baby,

2. Trez's marriage that he doesn't want (and hasn't yet happened),

3. the kidnapped woman (Sola? Marisol?  She calls herself one thing while Assil calls her something else),

4. Xcor and Layla and that whole mess (are they going to get a book?  there's been UST between those two for a while),

5. the glymera trying to remove Wrath from the throne,

6. John's seizures, which are mentioned and not resolved.  He's been having them for a while, so they aren't new.


The only reason I kept track of all of those (I have a feeling I missed one somewhere) is because I started writing them down about 35% in.  It was hard to really focus on anyone plot or POV because everyt ime I got really interested in the plot/POV, it changed on me.  Is this book just really bad for it or is it standard for the BDB and it's just annoying me anyway? 


I am looking forward to the next book, The Shadows, which I think is about iAm and/or Trez given the title.  Not sure, though. (After checking the goodreads page, I'm right.) It's due out April 7, 2015.