The Witch with No Name [Kim Harrison]

The Witch with No Name - Kim Harrison

I thought I would have a lot of things to say about this book, the final book in the Hollows series. Like I said in one of my updates, reading this one was bittersweet. I knew going in that Harrison would somehow have the perfect ending for Rahcel, Ivy, Jenks, Trent and all the others who call this alternate Cincinnati their home. I was right. It was both a perfect ending and a hopeful beginning. The final chapter offers a glimpse into the future, while the very end offers hope for Trent and Rachel. I'm not going to say more, since that would be spoiling!


Rachel once again has to save the world. What else is new. The undead vampires want their souls, even if it means they walk into the sun. That part was kind of heart breaking. Rachel spends quite a bit of this book arguing with Cormel and when she doesn't do what he wants (she knows what the undead will do, after all) he threatens both Ivy and Trent. Rachel gets in his face about it and he backs off for a while, before starting up again. I was kind of hoping someone would kill the man so he'd shut up!


Below are spoilers, none that I really think will ruin the book, but warning just in case.  (I thought the spoiler tag thing would hide them, but maybe I misunderstood?


Other things that happen include [spoiler] Demons walking on earth, without being dragged back to the Ever After. Al fixing the undead vampire problem. Al and Rachel becoming friends again. Trent and Al finding a way for demons and elves to have babies - hence the hopeful future between Rachel and Trent at the end of the book - it was really a present for Ray and her soon-to-be husband, who's a demon in the same way Rachel is (survivor of Rosenwood. [/spoiler] Those are spoilers, but I don't think any of them will ruin the book, so if you haven't read it, looking at those shouldn't ruin it for you (still, spoilers, read at your own risk!)