The Homecoming [Robyn Carr]

The Homecoming - Robyn Carr

I was a little worried about this one, since I thought Iris and Seth had dated before he left Thunder Point and I dislike most second chance romance books. They never dated, but Iris was broken hearted anyway - they'd been best friends for years and she'd wanted more. She thought she'd gotten more, but he didn't remember the conversation.


They both made mistakes, mistakes that ruined their friendship - Seth didn't understand why Iris was so upset (it was a good reason, promise!) and Iris thought he remembered and didn't care. If they'd been willing to talk to each other, instead of assuming things they might have worked it out sooner.


I didn't really feel the I love you's. I think a lot of that is the history between Iris and Seth that we don't really know or see. They do have a connection, but them saying I love you was a bit of a surprise. They might have been friends in high school, but they haven't seen each other really in 15 years! They hadn't been dating that long either. I think the book lost half a star based on the suddenness alone. The other half lost was because one of the sub-plots kind of took over the book at some point. Had to have drama from somewhere, I guess.


As with all Robyn Carr Thunder Point (and Virgin River, really) books, this one isn't just a romance but a story of a small town. Other story lines include Rachel, a girl with unexplained bruises with stories no one really buys, a possible romance between Troy (the high school history teacher) and Grace (owner of the flower shop) and Seth's ex-girlfriend flirting with him. Not sure if that last one is really a plot line, but it was funny! Poor Seth.


I really liked that both Iris and Seth are originally from Thunder Point, instead of two people who have moved there. That was a nice change.