Cobweb Forest [Vera Nazarian]

Cobweb Forest - Vera Nazarian

It's a little bittersweet to be reading the final book of this series already, but I'm kind of glad too.  I like knowing how many books there are in a series before I start reading.  This book is a trilogy so I knew just from the series name, Cobweb Bride Trilogy, that there would only be three books.  I don't mean that I hate the series I'm reading that are still going on, some at 30+ books. 


This book seemed a little more flowery in wording.  I'm not sure if it really, but it annoyed me a little this time were it didn't before.  Not sure if it really was written differently, or that's just my issue.  


I'm not really sure how I feel about the Gods and Goddesses in this book,  I was a little worried about it at the end of the last one, since the assumed Cobweb Bride was really a Goddess who'd forgotten.  In this book, it seems like everyone is really a God or Goddess.  I know that isn't true, but there are three we already know that turn out to be a God and two Goddesses and then several others we already know become immortal. I don't mind Gods and Goddesses in fiction, but it seems a little out of place in this series - unexpected and not in a good way.  It didn't annoy me in the end, but I was a little iffy on this book given the whole Gods and Goddesses idea. 


I won't say that everyone gets a happy ending, but it does all work out (although I really wondered how at some points) for the characters I really cared about.