Crimson Veil [Yasmine Galenorn]

Crimson Veil (Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon #15) - Yasmine Galenorn

I never really got into this book.  Maybe it's just me, but it didn't draw me in like the other books in this series did.  There are several reasons for that: it's been over a year since I read a book in this series, I'm getting burnt out on reading or this just wasn't what I wanted to read.  Based on the star breakdown on Goodreads, it's just me and not this book.  I still liked it but I wasn't as thrilled with it as I was with the other books in this series.  There were several points were I thought the action was picking up and then it would be over and I'd be almost forcing myself to read it. There were some moments that I really liked: Menolly and Narissa talk near the end & Menolly's talk with Trillian.  It's odd that the two parts that really stick out are Menolly's talks with other people.  Action I liked: saving Violet (with Menolly taking on hellhounds).  I still love Menolly and Narissa together and Roman has grown on me; I even feel a little sorry for him, since he doesn't feel like he can tell her he loves her. I get why she told him that he shouldn't fall in love, but he should be allowed to say it without feeling guilty.  

I don't know why this book fell a little flat for me.  I should have read it back in Jan-Feb when it was still new. I'm not sure that would have made a difference, but I'll never know one way or the other.  I just hope I'm not getting burnt out on reading.