The Aspern Papers [Henry James]

The Aspern Papers (Dover Thrift Editions) - Henry James

Still not too sure about this daily lit thing.  I skipped a few days (yesterday with plans to finish it today and another since I didn't have internet), but I think I would have gone crazy if this had been any longer than it was. I ended up not really caring that much about the papers.  I was wrong about them not existing, but we only have Miss Tita's word that they do (she burns them in the end, or so she says). I did find it kind of funny that he spends the whole book wanting these papers and he never does get them.  That seems a little mean, but I didn't really care one way or the other about the papers so them being burned doesn't matter to me at all.  He got into their house under a false name, with false reasons so I didn't like him all that much anyway. I do want to know what Miss Tita was thinking there at the end, though.