Festive in Death [J. D. Robb]

Festive in Death - J. D. Robb

The start of this one really confused me.  I get the whole revenge thing but itching powder, really?  It made this one different from the one's that have Eve woken up by dispatch.  I was a little confused as to who was going to tag a cop, until Eve gets there and it's Trina!  I hadn't expected that.  Not sure who I had expected, but Trina didn't even cross my mind until she was the one opening the door. 


Trey Ziegler is dead, the knife to the heart didn't kill him but it offers a clue as to why he's dead.  Unlike many of Eve's "dead", Ziegler isn't a good guy who has people claiming they don't know who would have done this - he's a user, a cheater and as the case unfolds we learn that he's even used Illegals to get women into bed with him. It seems like everyone he knows could have a motive - women he's slept with (with or without drugs), their husbands, some of the people he works with.  


Eve even got to stay at the party in this book.  I'm not sure she thought that was a good thing, but it was nice that she didn't get called away for once.  She even got some work done during the party.  I'm still amazed that she bought gifts for people!


There's a twist at the end.  We think we know who the killer is and then we get thrown for a loop - it's someone else.  Eve figures it out and rushes off.  The killer wasn't a complete surprise, but at the same time, I was hoping it would be the person we thought it was before Eve had her little eureka moment.