Night's Honor [Thea Harrison]

Night's Honor - Thea Harrison

I'm torn between giving this book 3.5 or 4 stars. I didn't remember Xavier until I started reading this one.  I liked Tess and Xavier together but their relationship seemed kind of sudden.  He had thought about how she was becoming more and more beautiful, but she spent most of the book afraid of him because he's a vampye - very sensible given that she's human and didn't know him at all at first. 


The I Love You's seemed very sudden, since they'd only been together a few days at that point - they'd only known each other for six weeks total.  I like them together, as I've already said, but Tess wasn't the only one blindsided by that kiss!  I knew to expect it at some point, this is a paranormal romance novel after all, but the attraction must have been buried deep, since nether one of them had any real thoughts about it (physical attractiveness aside).


The Djinn issue was less dramatic than I expected it to be.  It was a very neat fix in the end.  One that shows Tess to be smart and able to think outside of the box (I really loved the fix!).  I expected their to be a fight with the Djinn at some point, but the fight ends up being with another vampye instead. That fight is a good setup to the next book - it's kind of odd that the epilogue is about another character, Melisande - daughter of the Light Fae Queen, instead of Tess and Xavier.  


I'm not too sure about Meilsande and Julian ending up together.  Before this book, I didn't like Julian that much.  I like him better after this one.  Lets hope that Midnight's Kiss (due out May 2015) redeems him ever more!