Hook's Pan [Marie Hall]

Hook's Pan - Marie Hall

Peter Pan is a creepy selfish little brat. It's very easy to see why, given the way Tinkerbell treats him an the lost boys - she claims to be their 'mother' but she lets them get away with everything.


Poor Trish starts out so confused. Betty and Gerald try to tell her but she doesn't believe them. Can't blame her - Hook and others from fairy tales are real and Trish as Hook's mate. Trish doesn't believe in love, hasn't since her sister died. She likes sex but that's as far as any relationship with a man she has ever goes.


There was a point that I really thought Trish was going to leave, she didn't love Hook. He figured out that he loved her but she wasn't willing to love him. Instant love, again, but these books are short and they tend to only have three days to fall in love. Trish wasn't with the idea to start with - yeah, okay so Betty wasn't lying but I still want to go back.


I'm still wondering why three days? Why not a week or a month. Three days in Kingdom is three months on Earth, but why three?