Enigma [Moira Rogers]

Enigma - Moira Rogers

I've been looking forward to this book since Anna and Patrick meet (I can't remember if they met in the last book or one of the others). I expected more relationship drama than there really was. They'd crossed the line from work partners to something else before the book really started. They were both aware that they were both attracted to each other but they both have self esteem issues, Anna doesn't think she's good enough but Patrick is sure she is.


I think I would have been happier if they hadn't spent (what seemed like, at some points) half the book having sex. Every single time they had sex I expected one of them to get mad at the other. They've been in love and denying it for a long time. Instead of a big dramatic fight, Anna decides that she can't be in a relationship from him (see not good enough, above). It takes Patrick dying (really) for Anna to change her mind. Well that and someone (Kat) talking some sense into her. The end was sweet, although I hadn't expected Patrick's brother to show up in this book at all.