Into the Woods [Kim Harrison]

Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond - Kim Harrison

Possible spoilers for the whole of the Hollows series, maybe not, but still possible!  


The Hollows


The Bespelled:  Al is very creepy in this one.  He has is moments in the series, but this is Al a thousand years before Rachel.  Before knowing her made him a better person (really Rachel, how many people's morals can you change?)  The focus is Al and Ceri.  If you've ever wondered why Ceri become Al's familiar, this is the story for you. (I've read it before)

Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel: Rachel pre-I.S. The first appearance of Pierce.  Robbie's a bit of an ass in this one, crushing Rachel's dreams of going into the I.S. I do understand why, she's still weak from the Rosenwood Syndrome, but it was cruel regardless.

Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil: I loved the foreshadowing of the end. "It was only for a year.  How bad could it be."  Oh, Ivy, you have no idea!  It was kind of painful to see Ivy as she was before her and Rachel became friends.  Addicted to sex and blood and unable to separate love and blood.  I was one of the people that was kind of hoping for Ivy and Rachel to end up together, but it wasn't meant to be (that and I didn't really expect it to happen, but I still kind of hoped). Kisten being alive was kind of bittersweet.  Nice to see him, but sad to. 

Dirty Magic:  This offers a different view of Mia than the books and the last story in this anthology. It was kind of heartbreaking, she can't love anyone or she kills them (proven by what happens to Tom in this short. 

The Bridges of Eden Park: Once again, seeing Kisten is kind of bittersweet.  This short offers a glimpse into the politics of being a living vampire in the Hollows world.  Poor Rachel is horrified to realize that a little boy is meant to be given to an undead vampire as a gift (it's not that simple, really but that's what it boils down to). It is horrifying, but I wasn't surprised. 

Ley Line Drifter: This is one of the one's I've read before.  It was strange to see the Hollows world from Jenk's POV.  Even stranger for Rachel to not appear at some point.  Ivy helped Jenks with his job, but Rachel doesn't show up at all.  I got a little confused, but that's more becasue I knew I'd read this one before but I couldn't remember what happened.  I'm wondering if there's going to be a continuation of this at some point, since it was left kind of open ended. 

Million-Dollar Baby: I've been wondering for a while what happened when Trent and Jenks kidnapped Lucy.  Glad to finally know!  Trent's POV was a little strange. I'd thought Jenks' POV was odd, but Trent's was even stranger.  He thought about Rachel a lot, I noticed.


Beyond the Hollows

Pet Shop Boys:  This one was a little odd. I knew it wasn't going to be anything like the Hollows (Harrison says these vampires aren't like the Hollows ones) but I expected something to be familiar.  Vampires in this world are half vampires half fae, although that isn't really right either. The veil was an interesting idea.  

Temson Estates: Very interesting idea.  The only time dryads appear in the Hollows, he's trapped in stone and is unknowingly killing pixie children.  We only get a brief glimpse of the dryads in this story, but it's an interesting idea anyway.  The family being part dryad was something I've never seen before and something I didn't expect.  It made perfect sense after it was said, but I didn't expect it.

Spider Silk:  A little terrifying. I really don't know what to think about the ending.  Is Penn really trapped?  I'm almost thinking no, just because.  Penn's a  tree spirit that wants to have a soul and will offer anything to get one.  He doesn't keep his promises, but by then it's too late.  

Grace:  Really loved this world.  It made me think of Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series, although I'm not sure why.  The world changed in some way and that lead to the birth (creation?) of throws, who can control something similar to magic - I think it's closer to electricity, but magic works too.