A Promise to Keep [Carter Tachikawa]

A Promise to Keep - Carter Tachikawa

This book isn't the book that is described in the plot summary for this book. At first I thought I'd downloaded the wrong book, but this really is the book that is labelled this that I got from the Kindle store. It is a book in the same world as Promise to Keep, however. Both Dylan and Aurora are in this book as well, although they aren't the main focus of it.


I did end up liking it, but I feel a little cheated that this isn't the book I ordered (yeah, I got it for free but still). The book still had some edits left in it (words marked out and others underlined). That's why it's only getting three stars from me, the grammar errors and the left in edits. I loved Rachel and Anwar together even if they did both drive me a little crazy at first.