Fire & Frost [Meljean Brook, Carolyn Crane, Jessica Sims]

Fire & Frost - Meljean Brook, Carolyn Crane, Jessica Sims

I got this book for the Meljean Brook short, read it shortly after I got the book and finally made myself go back and read the other two.


Speed Mating by Jessica Sims

Midnight Liaisons #2.3

I liked this one, but I expected her to end up with Vic almost from the moment he showed up in the book.  I really liked the idea of the liger, since that's something I haven't seen in another book.  Most shifters that are half-and-half take after one parent or another.  One thing that bothered me was the whole assumed sterile thing, since ligers are like donkey's that way and it never really explains why Estrella is special in that way. 


Conjuring Max by Carolyn Crane

Code of Shadows #0.5

This one confused me a little at first, since I was a little lost about the timeframe (it's 1984 and I wasn't paying enough attention at first.  I liked the idea, but one person having that much power is kind of terrifying.  To conjure anything from just an image!


Wrecked by Meljean Brook

Iron Seas #3.4

This is the one that I really read this book for.  I've read it before, so I don't really have anything to say about it this time around!  I think the plot was enough to have made a whole book, since it did seem a little rushed.