The Scottish Prisoner [Diana Gabaldon]

The Scottish Prisoner - Diana Gabaldon

Reading the last page of this one was kind of bittersweet.  Not just because of the ending itself, but that this is the last book of this series.  I've read most of the Outlander books already and reading this series has made me want to read them again. 


I have already planned on re-starting a few of the books/series that I gave up on this year and the Outlander books are one of them (along with the Glory St Clair books and the Noble Dead Saga).  Reading this series made me think about the Outlander books and how I'd given up on those (and more importantly why I had done so).  


Now, back to the book I should be reviewing!  This series still has a few short stories in it, but most of them are set before this one and it was kind of nice to really have Jamie's POV again and to really have him in the book, although it was also strange that Claire wasn't with him too.