Thoughts on Giving Up

The Dog in the Dark - Barb Hendee, J.C. Hendee

I've loved this series since there was only a couple of books in it but enough is enough.  I forced myself to read the first two books in Wynn's trilogy and was convinced that I would love it again when Leesil and Magiere came back into the books all would be well.  As a stated in my reading progress update, I hadn't really considered that it had been a year since we last saw Leesil and Magiere and they would be changed from whatever happened while the series focused on Wynn.  This turned out to be the downfall of this series for me.  There are hints in this book (and in the last book of Wynn's Trilogy) but nothing has been stated outright at my quit point. 


I really hate to give up on this series, but if I can't focus on this book long enough to read anymore of it so I'm calling it quits.  It was a amazing journey while it lasted but I'm done.