The Dog in the Dark [Reading Update: 23%]

The Dog in the Dark - Barb Hendee, J.C. Hendee

I've been having trouble reading these books ever since we left Leesil and Magiere for Wynn's trilogy (In Shade and Shadow, Through Stone and Sea, & Of Truth and Beasts).  I had trouble connecting to Wynn more often than not in her books and was looking forward to seeing Leesil and Magiere again.  I was really happy to see them at the end of Of Truth and Beasts and had no trouble reading Between Their Worlds which was about half Leesil and Magiere and half Wynn.  


In my excitement to see Leesil and Magiere again, I hadn't really thought about the year that has gone by since we saw them last.  There have been a lot of hints in this book and the last one about what happened while they were getting the orb and nothing has really been explained and it's starting to really annoy me!  I'm not quite ready to give up on this series yet, but if it was just this book, I would have quit already and been done with it.


Also, I haven't really been reading this book the past few days.  I started it on the 19th and read a few chapters then and a few days later I read up to the point I'm at now.  That's really slow reading for me.