Portrait in Death [J.D. Robb]

Portrait in Death - J.D. Robb

This one is one of the few of these that I've remembered who it was long before Eve figured it out.  That made reading this book a little odd.  That was really the only part I remembered, and I only remembered it after Eve talked to the killer.  


I think she's right about the person spending the rest of their life in a mental hospital instead of going to prison.  Something in this person's head snapped somewhere along the way.  


This one has some problems between Eve and Roarke.  He learns something that completely blindsides him and he handles it badly.  Eve takes his rejection as him falling out of love with her and he realizes what an ass he's been long before it becomes a real issue but it was kind of nice to see Roarke mess up for once!  He's too perfect most of the time: rich, handsome, knows everything and owns most of Earth and several other planets.  Okay, not really the last one, but it seems like it sometimes.