Reunion in Death [J.D. Robb]

Reunion in Death - 'J. D. Robb', Nora Roberts

This book picks up after the two week vacation that Roarke talked Eve into in the last book.  The action starts out a little slow, since Eve just got back from vacation and they don't get a case until later that day.  Eve and Peabody go though the cold cases and find one that's been open of six years.  They talk to the husband and Eve gives the case to Peabody, which makes her a little giddy for a while.  


This is one of the cases in which Eve already knows who did it.  She didn't know at first, but pattern for the murder has changed with the first death.  Before, the woman got romantically involved with the victim and married them, so when she killed them, she got their money.  The motive becomes clear, though, it's not money but revenge that Julianne Dunne is after:  revenge on the only female cop that helped put her away almost ten years ago: Eve Dallas.