The Spy [Celeste Bradley]

The Spy - Celeste Bradley

I think I'm going to get sick of these books at some point.  No one is who they claim to be in any of these!  Everyone's a liar.  I guess that's the point, but it would be nice to have at least one of the women be honest.  The only one who came close was Clara in The Impostor, but the only thing she wasn't lying about was her name!


I've been looking forward to Jamie's book since he first appeared in The Pretender. In this book, Jamie finally gets some closure about his former lover, Lavinnia who was really a French spy.  I really liked Phillipa and always found it funny when Jamie get annoyed with her for being too "girly".  Poor guy had no idea.  It was also funny that Robbie knew while Jamie had no idea the whole time.