Possession [J.R. Ward]

Possession - J.R. Ward

First off, I hate love triangles, so that was a point against this book from the first.  I also really hated not knowing which one of them was the soul!  Aside from that, I'd forgotten how much POV jumping Ward does in her books.  I know it's necessary to tell the story, but I really hate when I finally get into someone's POV it changes.  


Jim completely dropped the ball in this one.  In a completely selfish move, he gave Devina one of their wins in exchange for Sissy.  I don't understand his obsession with her, but I was willing to let it go since it gave him something (someone) to fight for but that was a crappy move.  Going into this book they were 1 to 3 and with that one move he made it 2 to 2.  I call it selfish, but it wasn't completely.  He did want to get Sissy out of there but in doing so he might have just doomed everyone else.


I'm still stuck on Nigel killing himself (assuming that's what really happened there).  After learning that Jim would take his place it was almost funny.  If Nigel did kill himself, that would be a good reason for it.  Devina is strangely obsessed with Jim and that would be a good why to keep them away from each other. 


I did notice something though, Sissy sees halos above the heads of some people, including the soul in this book.  I'm not completely sure why she sees the halos but if there is a halo above the next two souls, they might have a chance and Devina really f-ed up.


There are only seven souls total (seven deadly sins anyone?). I think the last book is going to have good and evil at three and three so the final book decides it all.  This book makes them 2 to 3.  Read to find out which side is ahead.