Styxx [Sherrilyn Kenyon]

Styxx - Sherrilyn Kenyon

I (almost) literally sat and read this book straight though.  I could not put it down.


I never really thought I'd be able to hate Ash, but most of this book proved me wrong.  For most of the series, Ash was my favorite character.  It's odd that a change in perspective can greatly effect the way you view someone.  Ash's book has been almost ten books ago now (yeah, it's really been that long!), so I'm not going to claim to remember everything that happened in that book.  I do, however, remember hating Styxx. 


After reading this book, it's really hard to hate Styxx.  It wasn't hard to hate Ash though.  He does redeem himself, but I really want to know what was going on in his head during a lot of this book. I also hated Ryssa for a lot of things she did in this book.  She loved Ash but was completely cruel to Styxx.  


You would think that Ash would have some empathy for Styxx, since they had similar childhoods but then Styxx never told him: he just let both Ash and Ryssa yell at him.  


I hadn't expected Styxx to be Hector, but when he named himself as such, it made perfect sense.  I hadn't really considered that Bethany should/would have died when Apollymi had her homicidal fit and killed the Atlantean Gods.  


I think I need to find a completely happy, fluffy book to read after finishing this one.  It's at least as angsty as Ash's book was.  Only problem, I don't think I have any fluffy books.