Envy [J.R. Ward]

Envy  - J.R. Ward

I find it kind of surprising how different each of these books is from the others. They all have the same general idea - trying to save half-damned souls from hell - but each soul is very different from the others. Veck is the son of a serial killer who fears becoming his father (this is his book), the previous book has a surprise soul, while the first soul is a weathly business man who sees the future.

In some ways, this book is my favorite but I still love that Jim told the first guy that he's an angel almost from the start. Veck figures it out on his own in this one.

I liked both Veck and Sophia. Even more surprising is that I liked then both about the same amount, since I tend to prefer one over the other.

Ward's charaterization of Veck's father was really good. He swaers he's been framed and has found god while in prison. Both are very common in comvicted felons, so I loved part!