The Mating [Nicky Charles]

The Mating - Nicky Charles

There were parts of this book that I really liked and parts of it that I hated. The parts I hated included the whole forced-bonding/arranged marriage thing. It would have been different if Elise had known it was a possibility before being told she'd be mating this guy she'd never even heard of before. It wouldn't have bothered me at all if she'd known about the possibility growing up. I don't have any issue with arranged marriages in real life (it's culture thing after all, who I'm I to judge?) That's the reason the marriage/mating bothered me so much, because she didn't even know it was a possibility!

I liked Elise most of the time (there were times when she thought of something to say and then didn't say it, she should have said it damn it!). Kane was hot and cold to me, sometimes I liked him and other times I really hated him (she said no, so back off!). Ryne wasn't really in the book that long, so I don't really like or dislike him. Marla, well. I didn't really trust her from the start and Kane defending her really made me mad (he was taking her side over his mates!).

The plot was good, with a few things I wasn't expecting but I had most of it figured out by the time it all came out.