Once Bitten, Forever Burned [Eve Langlais, Stacey Kennedy]

Once Bitten, Forever Burned - Eve Langlais, Stacey Kennedy

Since this is an anthology, I'll be reviewing the two short stories separately as I read.

DEVON'S REDEMPTION by Eve Langlais - ★★★ - I didn't really like Devon all that much, so I'd have to say his redemption is a fail to me. I liked Bethany, but I think she forgave him to easily. I know it was a short story, so there's only so much that can happen, but still. I do wonder if this short is part of a larger world, but I doubt it. If nothing else, I did like Eve Langlais' writing style, the story was just too short to really get into (and I didn't like Devon, which doesn't bode well for the story).

CRUZ'S SALVATION by Stacey Kennedy - ★★★★ - I liked this one a lot better than the other short in this book (I would have liked the other better with more character development). After reading this one, I really am wondering if these stories are part of a larger series (Devon is Cruz's "brother" and makes a appearance). I liked Cruz and Kiara (a lot!) more than I liked Devon (I liked Bethany more than I liked him). I think this one worked better as a short story than the other one.