The Sleeping Beauty [Mercedes Lackey]

The Sleeping Beauty (Tale of the Five Hundred Kingdoms) - Mercedes Lackey

Way to many different possible story lines: frog prince, Snow White (Snowkin, never heard it called that before), Sleeping Beauty. There might have been others, but I'm not sure. the story didn't follow any of them completely. the end was the most like Sleeping Beauty without the wicked witch, evil prince instead? I guess it works. I think she got evil dwarfs because her 'evil' stepmother wasn't really evil. That's the only think I can think of to explain it.

As soon as Lily threw that mirror, I knew the huntsman was going to end up in the mirror and the mirror slave (whose name I didn't write down for some reason) would end up in the real world.

Is it just me or did the grandfather at the end remind anyone else of Thor? some of the myths in general seemed very Norse (like Fernir), but with his ravens he reminded me a lot of Thor. Age of Mythology is good for something!!