Born of Ice [Sherrilyn Kenyon]

Born of Ice - Sherrilyn Kenyon

I wasn't too sure about this one, since I read in a review that it takes place 100 years after the first two and the char are gen 2. While the char are gen 2, this book takes place ~30 years after books 1-2.

most of my notes for this book are trying to figure out who is who's kid. That's kind of sad.

Darling can't be completely gay, since he has at least one kid, with someone named Ren. I guess it could be an arranged marriage. Or Ren could be a guy. Whatever, just have to wait and see. Dev being Syn and Shay's son wasn't that shocking, since he had Talia and Vik.

I'm not too sure about Paden, who does turn out to be Syn's son, I'm betting so Dev can have a heat donor. He calls Alix a worthless slave, but disagrees with slavery. You'd think he'd hate calling someone a slave, but he calls her that instead of her name. I'm not sure he ever calls her by her name.

It was odd to see char that we meet in their 20s and 30s as parents with children that age. Very odd.