No Rest for the Witches [MaryJanice Davidson, Cheyenne McCray, Christine Warren, Lori Handeland]

No Rest for the Witches (Nightcreature, #7.5) (Magic, #3.5) - MaryJanice Davidson, Lori Handeland, Cheyenne McCray, Christine Warren

Any Witch Way She Can: I was almost hoping for this to be Tess and Rafe's story. I know better, I think. I'm glad Randy got her happy ending, even if the time travel was odd. I don't understand why this is book 3.5. the only spoilers are for book 1, which is Cassidy and Quinn's book and where we first meet Randy, which is understandable since she's Cassidy's cousin. I'm still not sure I like their grandmother. She seems to hate humans, but she married one and her father was one. Confusing!!