Cocaine: An Unauthorized Biography [Dominic Streatfeild]

Cocaine: An Unauthorized Biography - Dominic Streatfeild

I did get done today! I feel like I should have something amazing to say about this book, some well written review that will blow the mind of anyone who reads it. I've got nothing. Really. Most of my status updates were comments on the chapter I'd just read, so that's all I really have for the last two chapters that I read.

Colombia: Interviewing a drug lord seems like a bad idea, but he got lucky since the drug lord is a reformed drug lord who owns a ranch.

Cocaine: I was not expecting the last chapter to be about what should be done. The one that sticks out is the legalization combined with education. I think that with the deforestation project that was mentioned in another chapter could work. What do I know, really, but still. It sounds like a good idea. Start the deforestation project before the legalization, then there'd be no coca to make cocaine. Yeah, I'm trying for optimistic. I'm not good with optimistism.