Undead and Unstable [MaryJanice Davidson]

Undead and Unstable - MaryJanice Davidson

Why can't I finish all books this fast? Oh well!

This one seemed to go no were for a while and then everything happened at once. There are some issues I have with the whole time travel thing (like why is Nick Dick now? She knew him before the whole biting/almost biting thing, so his name shouldn't have changed) but I'm not really going to go there. I also have issues with Jessica being due during summer. WTH? Confused, but then I don't think anyone knows when she's really due, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Lots of things have been explained in this book, although I'm not sure about the whole book of the dead is gone thing. Shouldn't that mean that they've never heard of it and therefore don't know Betsy is the vampire queen? Better to just let it go, I think. I know why it's gone, since Satan was the one who sent it back and if she's dead she can't do so, but still.

Marc is back as a zombie. Okay, whatever. I'm just glad he doesn't eat brains. Although I'm not really sure who he'd be able to eat in this group! Not Betsy, for sure. At least she admits to being ditsy/stupid. Being self-aware is good!