Cat's Eye [Margaret Atwood]

Cat's Eye - Margaret Atwood

I came very close to giving this book 5 stars, but it took me so long to get into it that I couldn't do it. I think it took me so long to get into it because I just wasn't there, it wasn't what I wanted to read at the time, but there it was. I thought I would give up on it, but I got into it shortly after saying it was about to be given up on.

This book is both brilliant and less than I expected. She only remembers he childhood after seeing the Cat's Eye marble again, after so many years. I thought she'd remember before that, so I feel a little cheated that she forgot them and it took so long for her to remember.

This book isn't really about just one thing, her childhood. It's about her life in general with a focus on her childhood and her life when she grew up. Her first lover, her first husband, her children, her art, her friends who weren't really friends, her parents, her brother, her love of biology and that sudden insight into what she was really going to do - art not biology - even though she was good at both.

I can't really come up with anything to say, aside from I both hate and love this book. I'm not sure how it can be both, but there it is.