Kiss the Dead [Laurell K. Hamilton]

Kiss the Dead - Laurell K. Hamilton

I know many people have given up on this series. This book sounds really good. I'm hoping for less relationship drama and more police work in this one!

This book didn't disappoint. She only had sex 3 times, which was less than 10% of the pages. I don't know the 'normal' ratio in other series/books, but that isn't bad. I don't know why my mom thought it was all sex. This isn't quite like the first 4 or 5 books in this series, but it's a lot closer than it has been for a long time! I hope this keeps up. If you don't like sex scenes, you can skip them!

There are some errors in this book. Vivian has suddenly become Vanessa in this book. There are too many char for us (the readers) and the author to keep track of - Vivian has been in this series since Burnt Offerings, which was book 7 of this series. I can almost forgive LKH for that, since she's a minor char that isn't really a large part of Anita's life (despite being a member of her and Micah's Pard).

One char I have issues with in this book is Larry. Anita took him under her wing, both for raisings and for being a Marshal. and now he's turned on her. Is this a sudden thing, or has it be brewing behind the scenes for a while and we didn't know about it until now? Tammy's changed too, but I never really cared that much about her, so it bothered me less.