Covet [J.R. Ward]

Covet - J.R. Ward

I think I'm going to take a break before reading the other two books in this series. Mostly becasue I don't have them (they are library ebooks, so I have to wait) and b/c I have the Harper Connelly Mysteries Quartet that I have to read in 20 days (or less).

I enjoyed this book (4 stars!) but I was a little confused at the start of it. I assumed that this series was more like her Black Dagger Brotherhood books, but those are PNR and these are all focused on one man's quest to save 7 different people from themselves. I love the idea, but it through me off some. That and I'm reading Lover Reborn so there was some overlap and I noticed (the club called the Iron Mask and Trez who runs the club).

Most books seem to have everything happening at once, but this one is more like something major happens all the time. Not literally, but there were times when our hero (Jim), hero 2 (Vin) and heroine (Marie-Therese real name Gretchen) couldn't seem to get a break.